Powerful visitor management systems for offices, commercial, and residential building

A visitor management system helps you track all the visitors at a certain place that could be an office, school, public spaces, or a residential building as well. With this system, it is possible for a business to keep the track of all the people who have entered the workplace. It is an essential mechanism for every business that wants to function effectively.

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Windosoft makes this astute solution available for every small or big enterprise in Qatar. In our visitor management system, you get the ability to track the entry and exit of every individual. You get to keep the full details about the duration of their visit as well. With this system, you keep thorough information about the number of visitors, time of entry/exit, the identity of the visitor, etc.

This solution helps you monitor every individual in your company or any other place where you need to keep track of people. It gives you a higher level of control over the people that are inside your premises. When you can keep monitoring the folks at your workplace, you can manage all the activities very easily. This system is also very helpful when you have to work for hours in your office and you cannot risk letting any unknown person. As per your firm’s security level, you induct different layers of safety in this mechanism as well. Sometimes, a company has to allow many types of visitors such as vendors, government officials, third-party vendors apart from the employees. Managing such a diverse crowd and keeping track of their time is not a cake-walk, it has to be managed effectively and this system enables you to do that.

Types of Peripherals used in our Visitors Management Solutions

The visitor management system that we provide comes with robust devices like automatic turnstiles, smart sliding flap barriers, etc. Whether it is about managing crowds in a confined place or in a sprawling property, our system gives you the best results. From places like metro stations and stadia to offices, commercial buildings, and factories, our solutions can be implemented anywhere.
This program comes with all the avant-garde fixes that keep you abreast of all the happenings at your workplace or any other space that you are concerned about. When it comes to managing different sections of a building while taking care of the restricted zones as well, our system gives you the most positive results. Deploying methods like meeting scheduling, smart card-based identification, and blacklisted visitors’ list, this solutions makes the managing of a huge volume of people effortless. Moreover, it works with major networks such as LAN and WAN.

Features of Windosoft’s Visitors Management System


It often very long to plan the visit of some particular officials and you often have to lots of time preparing for it. This system your times and prepares you for several visitors easily.


Organizing multiple visits would be very easy with our software. You can schedule all of them with different time-frames and make your operations seamless at every front.

Easy Interface

You might think that handling such a high-end could be problematic, but our system has been designed to make visitor management easy for everyone, it works very easily.


With this solution, you get the assurance of thorough tracking of every single visitor, which means you get to keep utter vigil over who’s coming in and how much that person spends inside.

Access Control

Different security solutions can be combined together for 360-degree surveillance of public or private space. Access control can be integrated into our system and it can give you great results.

Report Generation

You certainly want an elaborate report of all the visitors who entered your workplace in the past with all the details such as arrival/exit time, duration of visits, etc, our system provides that.

Here’s how the develop our visitor management system

The visitor management system exists for a very long time but it was done on a register like every other work. Even with the arrival of computers, the workload got transferred from paper to digital documents, but it was never effortless. The advent of software made this system more efficient and quick, it also made this practice absolutely paperless. When we develop a visitor management system, we ensure that it works with a perfect collaboration of hardware and software. When visitors come in, their access gets registered in the system through a string of identification mediaries. It could be an RFID card, biometrics, face detection or retina scan, or security code. Whichever method you choose, it gets integrated with the software that keeps track of every visitor.
The exit can be either done using the identification mediary, manually or the system could be set to automatically register the exit of the employee after a certain duration of time. Once the information of an individual enters the system, it gets stored in the storage mechanism of the visitor management system. You get the report of any particular visitor or visitors for a certain day(s), week(s), or month(s). Furthermore, the reports can be generated in any format i.e. PDF, excel, word, etc. The VMS that we make is compatible with all the major platforms which means it could work on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. So you can check the visitors’ data at any device at any time or place. The accessibility factors of our application make it very distinct from the other programs in this category.

Benefits of using our Visitor Management System

By using Windosoft’s visitor management system, you get the assurance of 100% vigilance of your workplace without a miss. Our comprehensive solution is meant to give extremely positive results sans any failure. It works like a heavy-duty mechanism that can eradicate all your security concerns. By deploying this program in your office, you get to control the influx of everyone in your workplace. You are able to create an ideal place for work and enhance the efficiency of your team. Your employees can ensure smooth operation and a high level of efficacy as well. Security is the most pivotal part of any business and this system helps you achieve milestones at that front.
This visitor management solution has been designed to secure your company and it does that flawlessly. Irrespective of the source of identification you choose, it is very easy for you to integrate and install this solution. You can manage a large volume of visitors in your office and be aware of the punctuality of your staff even without being present in the office. If you have some specific needs or requirements in the program, then we can do that too. Our engineers make certain that you get all the features for performing the specific tasks that only your business could relate to. We believe in giving you the most suitable product for your company depending on its nature of work.
Our visitor management system involves the most productive modules that help you get profound insights in the working of your company. We develop this system in a way that it keeps you aware of all the ongoing activities in your enterprise. With this solution, you can streamline every single aspect of your organization. That’s because the productivity begins when you have the right manpower and when you start to manage it effectively. When we work on this innovative solution we ensure that all your requirements are fully met. We deliver outcomes that are relevant and timely for our clients. In our solutions, they get more than what they expect and the work culture becomes more ideal than you can imagine.

Customized Gates for Guest and Visitor Management System

Flap Barriers combined with card swiping feature

The flap barriers have become a very popular option for security control in various types of organizations. From metro stations to private companies, these effective and affordable solutions can be seen everywhere. When Windosoft makes this solution, it ensures that it comes with a feasible mechanism as well. The RFID card is the most prevalent identity operative in the companies these days and we make sure it can be easily used with this system.


Another popular option that is very common these days is a turnstile. This security door has become a go-to choice for a large number of enterprises in Qatar and the entire world. We integrate these access options in our visitor management system and make sure that it works perfectly without requiring any maintenance for years. We succeed in providing the best results at this front and keep the security of your company impeccable.

Electro Magnetic Door Lock

This is a very effective option for those who want to make the security foolproof. These doors cannot be bypassed in any possible manner while others leave some scope of that. It can only be opened with the authorized identity mediary and makes it impossible for unauthorized people to enter. We embed this solution perfectly and make certain that you don’t feel any lapse in the security structure.

Distinguished features of our Visitor Management Software (VMS)

Visitor Registration– Only the registered visitors can get access through this system, which means that if you want someone to come to your workplace, you will have to register that individual into the software first. This makes the security even better because if someone tries to infiltrate without notifying you, the system will not let them do it. In addition to that, it records the precise date and time of the visitor so you could refer to this data in the future if you need.

Easy-to-Handle- Very often the admin of these solutions face a lot of problems while learning or getting familiar with the features and interface. Our VMS comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes the handling of this program totally effortless. Even with a diverse and large number of visitors, you will find things quite handy. At the time of developing this program, we make sure that things are working with a very understandable framework.

Visitor Pass- As discussed above, there are times when you have to let some third party vendors or other rare guests enter. For making their entry and exit easy, the system creates a visitor pass that can be easily generated. The pass can include name, contact details, company name, or any other piece of information if you want to. It gives your company an ideal access procedure that even helps in impressing clients and keeping the work culture safe.

Notifications- Though there is no infiltration from an unauthorized person and you have only the employees and other permitted vendors coming in, you need to be sure about every person who is entering your workplace. By using our system, you will get notifications when you activate this feature. The provision of activation is there because you might not want to get notified about every single person who is entering the office. So you can tweak this feature and get notified as soon as the people you are interested in, enter or apply for a pass.

Visitor Access- Just like the pass, this feature also enables the occasional visitors to your company to visit the premises for a certain period of time. With this time-bound access, it is possible for you to maintain filtered access of people into your company. When you achieve this, it is possible to establish a conducive work environment. A perfect system of visitor management helps you get over all the major challenges in security and the one we provide never fails to produce helpful results.

Visitor Escort- There are some distinguished guests like high-profile clients or government officials who need to be treated in the most hospitable manner. To make their tour more engaging, companies often appoint escorts. Besides the guests, you also need to sanction special passes or escorts as well. With our VMS, you can generate passes for these categorical entities. The escorts can do their job perfectly with these cards and your guests will also have a very friendly experience. It creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Visitor Dashboard- With the help of this particular feature, you will be able to analyze the movement of visitors in your enterprise. You can easily get a quick overview of the people who are involved in the operations and those who have been called for a specific task from outside. The dashboard will give lucid details about every single visitor with comprehensive details.

Frequent Visitors- Those who visit your office regularly should not face any issues, however, you should keep a close watch every individual reporting and exit time. Also, it is very helpful in creating the duty roaster, because you know the schedule of all the employees in your workplace. It also provides you an insight into the work culture that you want to shape in your way. If there is any irregularity or discrepancy, the system will tell you and help you rectify it.

Timely Reports- If you are handling business with a considerable quantum of manpower, you would certainly like timely reports for visitors’ participation. Also, you would be interested to know how many incidents of expired passes, registered visitors, blocked visitors, access denials have happened. These reports can be generated in the format you like and you would be able to view them in any device. With every such report, you get all the comprehensive details with the history of visitors’ tendency in terms of timely arrival and exit.

How our VMS help every business in Qatar achieve the highest level of security?

When we create a VMS, we ensure that it provides your business more than an ideal structure of security. Our aim is always to reach the finest stage of perfection that cannot be overturned. We provide a custom-built visitor/guest management system that helps you a foolproof solution for securing your company’s confidential information. When we design and manufacture these systems, our focus is on building a conducive solution that helps you gain unparalleled efficacy and precision.

How the Windosoft add value to your business through its VMS?

Today, every business has to rely on a powerful solution and this VMS solution works with the most cutting-edge technologies available to us right now. It gives you the power to come up with powerful solutions to streamline your work in every possible way. The features of this software give you more capability to perform very advanced actions. It prepares you to overcome any sort of security challenges that the businesses of Qatar and UAE could imagine.

To Conclude,

At Windosoft, we strive to attain perfection in our services and we make it happen with smart solutions that are created as per industry standards. While creating this ingenious device, we pay more attention to the details and look at every subtle factor that could bring a big change. We have empowered many businesses in Qatar already and yours could be the next. With our services, your company will get the ability to acquire the most productive results. Our services never fail to give you the desired results and they make you ready to be the frontrunner in your domain. Our visitor management system allows you to have total control over the participation of manpower in your enterprise, it gives you the power to shape up a better future.

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"We deliver end-to-end solutions: Server implementation, Server Maintenance, Structured Cabling system, CCTV surveillance system, corporate Voice/DATA infrastructure, Systems integration services, Hardware and software provision, application management, professional services, and staffing for our business clients. Above all, we value our client partnerships by guaranteeing complete satisfaction, and we will always provide our partners with the highest levels of service and professionalism."


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