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Access control systems have become essential for every business today. These solutions can secure the premises of your company and allow only authorized persons to enter. For the businesses of Qatar, Windosoft is making this solution more accessible, efficient, and affordable.
With a powerful access control system, you can ensure that only authorized people could enter the workplace.
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As one of the prominent access control system providers in Qatar, we help you get the most reliable products that come with an automatic door lock and various other helpful features.

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Already, a large number of small, medium and large-scale companies have got this service from us and have made their operations safer. Apart from providing and installing the access control solutions, we also help you understand the suitability of this service to your business with an insightful consultation.

There is a slew of features like an electromagnetic lock that comes with this service. You can also make the door accessible with the biometrical identification of the employees. Under this particular access technology, the authorized persons can open the door by using their fingerprint or retina scan. Other than that, you can go for Radio Frequency Identification RFID-based or PIN-based access doors.

The access control system emerges as one of the most fundamental and valuable security mechanisms for businesses in Qatar. It helps you keep all the activities of your workplace entirely confidential by preventing any unauthorized to enter.

We have seen plenty of businesses lose potential information and assets just because some random person was able to gatecrash. This is a foolproof solution that lets only those people inside who are authorized by the organization itself.

By deploying this system, you will make your place of work utterly secure. To make this possible for you, Windosoft has teamed up with renowned brands such as Matrix Comsec who give first-solutions in this niche.
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Advantages that you get with the Access Control System:

  • It comes with a robust build that cannot be tampered with
  • It also involves biometric, Pin-based, and RIFD-based access mechanisms
  • Very helpful in securing the sensitive area with savvy control features
  • It works with IP-based architecture for more reliability
  • It provides you centralized access while letting you control multiple locations and devices
  • Gives you real-time notifications in the events of failure, update, or break-down.
  • Can be integrated with fire alarm other safety mechanisms for better protection

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How does the Access Control System work?

The access control mechanism works with a combination of multiple technologies. It gives a more intricate structure that has a linear functionality and complex structure. While building this system, the engineers of Windosoft focus on coming with an impenetrable framework that cannot give in to any tactic of bypassing.

While developing the core of this system, our experts pave the way for the integration of many additional programs. By doing that, we make the whole thing more productive for a large number of businesses. From the usage of face detection to biometrics, pins, and punching cards, we make every method of access feasible for our clients.

The access control system that we provide comes with a powerful base and it is further protected by many other technologies. In order to make the security 100% foolproof, we consider every possible fix for creating a highly-productive access door solution. They can also be integrated with QR codes and Bluetooth beacons that help in gaining access instantly.

Moreover, you can use a mobile application to gain access and make your job very easy. Another thing that you try is using credentials while verifying the identity of the person trying to gain access. All these solutions can work with electromagnetic power and give you a brilliant output.

Now you know that our access control system with a combination of multiple security mechanisms. We can give you means of access of your choice and you can control this device using your smartphone as well.

Understanding the significance of Automatic Door Lock/Access solution for a business

The automatic door lock/access system is very effective for any firm. It works with a simple mechanism, once the authorized person shows an identification source, the system identifies it automatically and allows the person in. Once the person is through the gate, it gets closed on its own without needing any manual interjection. This system works for almost every enterprise as it gives a high level of efficiency and automation as well.
With such a solution, you can totally get rid of human interference in the security mechanism of a company that often exposes you to unexpected events.

How does Windosoft become an outstanding supplier of Access Control Systems in Qatar?

Windosoft is one of the most renowned providers of Access Control Systems in Qatar. We make the supply and installation of this high-utility solution very easy for every business in this state.

With us, you get solutions that are able to secure your operations from any unknown threat. Our extensive approach helps us cater to a large number of businesses regardless of their size and nature.

We are able to reach every business and make them fully secure. Our access control door gives you a thorough assurance that only the authorized people will gain entry to your workplace. We have a wide range of solutions in this category and recommend the most suitable one. Before suggesting any product, we do a thorough analysis of your business and then suggest the right thing to you.

Our experts are able to cherrypick the best solution for your business because they can easily identify your needs. We make sure your company gets an advanced solution that does not just meet all the requirements but also exceed your expectations.

Depending on the need of your company, we suggest you the best thing and make it available at a very affordable cost. The access solutions that we make come with every hi-tech tool, it provides the most conducive framework that does create any issues in installation or updates. On the contrary, they make the handling of access doors very easy and give you a protected environment to work in.

When our engineers manufacture this solution, they focus on building the most prolific structure that performs without any hiccups. From the very beginning of the manufacturing process, we keep the quality impeccable so the end-users could get satisfactory outcomes. Before finishing the process of making this solution with a blend of hardware and hardware, we look into its every single aspect.

The benefits that you get by using our access control system in your business

The access control system that we provide is developed as the requirements of different businesses. Apart from public places that require broad area coverage, we also make products that are suitable businesses that have smaller spaces. When we develop this solution, our focus is rendering every aspect of this technology feasible for the user. Besides that, we are able to deliver centralized control in the hands of the admin so it is easy to block access for one individual if you want. These systems come with all the additional solutions like WiFi protocols and LAN protocols so you can use it effectively as per the available source of the network.

After using our access control software, you realize the true worth of this technology. You don’t just secure the operations of your firm, you also safeguard the data of your clients. You can block any unidentified or unauthorized person from entering the premises and prevent any sort of spurious attempt to access the confidential information. Once you secure the area of your workplace, then you can certainly plan other things. This is the basic requirement that you cannot ignore and it is best if your team up with a reliable provider for it. No matter how small or big the infrastructure of your company is, we give you the most suitable product.

Integrated Access Control System With Foolproof Mechanism

For any security mechanism to be useful, it is very important that it integrates other relevant solutions. In this case, these solutions could a visitor access management system, parking barriers, automatic vehicle parking system, building management, fire alarm, etc. By including all these things, an access control system can become a boon for any company. However, you need to be selective when it comes to selecting such programs because your requirements could be very different from that of another business.
When it comes to getting integrated access control solutions, Windosoft gives you the best thing invariably. We are able to understand your needs more clearly by observing your line of work closely. If you need it we equip the system with features like remote controls, emergency beacons, lift-connectivity, and video/audio intercom as well. All in all, we can give you anything that your business requires and we can make the end-product a precious object for your business. With our access control device, your business gets nothing but the best and becomes an ideal workplace for its employees.

Tailor-Made Access Control System For the Businesses of Qatar

Different businesses have different needs and our engineers acknowledge this fact and deliver precisely our clients demand. For making a flawless custom-built access door, our team reviews your needs first and layout the framework for it. We come up with an appropriate mechanism that keeps your operations one-step ahead. When it comes to securing the premises of your office, factory, or shop, we give you a cost-effective solution built as per your needs.

Qatar offers great opportunities for every kind of business and it has become a hug for all types of ventures. There is ample scope of entrepreneurs here, but they need to make their startup fully secure. Getting a full-fledged access control system is the first logical step towards safeguarding your business against any spurious act. Windosoft enables every firm in this country to adopt safe practices to engage in any sort of operation. We make it possible for every entrepreneur to provide a secure environment for the employees.

Basic Criteria While Choosing an Access Control System

Nature of business, Area, Space

These are the three important points that we check before suggesting an access control solution to an enterprise. As mentioned above, every business has different requirements and they need to be addressed while designing something as essential as a security door. When we work on this device, we make it perfect for our clients and create something that can give 100% positive results. In terms of performance and durability both, our products keep you thoroughly satisfied. We make it possible with profound knowledge of the technologies used and keen insight into your business.

Get a custom-built Access Control System that delivers the best results to your business in Qatar and UAE as well

When we say custom-built, it is not an assembled product, we develop every part of the mechanism as per your requirements. From the dimensions of the hardware to the specifications in the features, everything works as per your preferences. You could be the owner of a retail store, a small office, or a manufacturing unit with large or small manpower. Our solutions give you a befitting access security program that is designed as per the nature and size of your business. With our systems, you will be able to effectively monitor every corner of your workplace. We enable every business to achieve milestones in its domain by providing them the most dynamic programs.

Door Access Control Solutions

All the control access devices that we provide allow your business to adopt the most suitable security measures depending on its needs. These solutions can be integrated with any means of identification and can work flawlessly for a very long time.

Features of Access Control Software

Diverse Modes of Access

From the retina scan to fingerprints, RFID cards, and pins, whichever means of access you choose for your business, we can make it available on this software. Not only they are integrated perfectly, but they also work impeccably.

Foolproof Mechanism

With this software, you can ensure that only authorized persons can enter the premises of operations. No matter which type of access mode you choose, you get to secure your business from any sort of unauthorized infiltration.

Large Database Handling

If your company has hundreds of employees and if you want a system could keep track of all their identification mediaries. With this feature, you can handle a large workforce and ensure that no one faces issues in getting access.

Planned Blockage

Due to any odd reason, you may need to block the access of all the employees for a certain time. Once you are done with the task, you want to unblock the access for all of them effortlessly, this feature makes it seamless.

One-Time Access

As the name itself suggests, this feature allows someone to have access only once. There are times when we have to let third party vendors enter the premise for maintenance or any other reason, this feature makes it possible.

Route-Based Access

Suppose you have the data center or some other assets in a particular location and want the concerned professional not to wander in any other area besides the relevant one, this feature will ensure that follow the right course.

Security Tour

Many times, you will have to let the security guards check the premise to check a particular item or individual. With the help of this feature, you ensure the security professionals have the access to all the areas where they have to go.

Occupancy Control

If you have a space that could be occupied by a limited number of people only, you need this feature for sure. With its help, the access will be automatically blocked once the desired number of people is already in that space.

Attendance Tracking

While focusing on security, you can also track the attendance of your staff through these features. It can track the individuals by their identification mediary, if someone doesn’t turn up or gets late, you will be notified by the system.

Smart Identification

There are areas in a workplace that are supposed to be accessed by a few dedicated people rather than everyone. To ensure that only authorized people gain access to those sensitive areas, you need to deploy this particular feature.

Why should you opt for an automated access control system for your business?

The automated access control solutions give you a smart working environment while keeping the security aspects immaculate. It strengthens the operations with a robust mechanism that does not fail in giving you what you want. It becomes a goofproof system that gives you results for good.

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The rise of security measures in every domain is quite noticeable now. Information is the most precious asset for every business and every company wants to secure it at any cost. By implementing an access control solution, you get total control over who is entering your workplace. This gives you a great level of control over the manpower as well as the entire operations. You can also be instrumental in managing different tasks that require the involvement of third parties. In addition to that, you can prevent any security flaw to take place. For every business, no matter how small it is, security is an utmost priority. It is the key factor that you cannot neglect and need to take every possible measure to give the best results. Windosoft makes it possible for every single business in Qatar to safeguard its operations from any sort. For every organization, this security mechanism is very valuable as it grants them the ability to control the entry and exit of people. Our systems give you a suitable and affordable solution that makes your company an ideal workplace with proper security measures.

How does the software-based Access Control Solution give me better results?

When this mechanism gets blended with a software program, it gets easier to handle and more accessible as well. Moreover, these added features equip your business with a whole new range of functionalities.

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With the software, you get all types of features and integrate the access mechanism with cutting-edge means of identification such as RFID, biometrics, or pins. By deploying all these solutions, you make your business totally infallible against any attempt of theft or break-in.
The systems can be easily implemented on the doors made up of wood, metal, fiber, or alloy. These solutions have already become essential in big organizations and now, providers like Windosoft are making this technology accessible to small businesses as well. We are enabling every small or medium-sized firm in Qatar to implement this powerful solution. With our access control devices, maintaining the manpower in your business gets easier than ever.
Our smart solutions come with a slew of in-built features that make the handling of the entire operations absolutely faultless. They help you gain unmatched efficacy without spending lots of money, time, or resources.

Summing Up

Windosoft makes this access control solution accessible and affordable to every business in Qatar. We provide the most reliable solutions in this category of service and make the basic security equipment accessible to every company in this country. Whether it is lift-access, electrical doors, turnstiles, or any other sort of surveillance system, we make all of them available to you at a very reasonable cost. With our access solutions, you will be able to get over the major challenges in security very easily. Our products are able to cater to every need of your business in the best possible manner.
If your business requires access control solutions of any kind, contact us right now and our experts will get respond to your promptly. We assure you that you would get what you precisely want within your budget.

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"We deliver end-to-end solutions: Server implementation, Server Maintenance, Structured Cabling system, CCTV surveillance system, corporate Voice/DATA infrastructure, Systems integration services, Hardware and software provision, application management, professional services, and staffing for our business clients. Above all, we value our client partnerships by guaranteeing complete satisfaction, and we will always provide our partners with the highest levels of service and professionalism."


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